About Us

When it comes to breeding and foaling Thoroughbreds, LeMesa Stallions has a sensibility and presence that speaks quietly to comfort. Things seem to happen with ease. Hard by a bayou and heavily forested with oak, maple, and pine trees, the creek bottom land is like a secluded retreat for horses. There are seven broodmare paddocks and six stallion paddocks, which are all benefited by an abundance of shade, Spanish moss, and lush grass.

At the top of LeMesa Stallions’ depth chart is the energetic farm manager Kay Thomas. The veteran Thomas ran her own farm outside New Iberia, La., for 18 years before a five-year stint in Kentucky, where she foaled mares and did sales prep work at Manchester Farm. Stopping to make a mental count, Thomas estimates she has pulled out more than 1,200 foals in her 30 years of farm experience. That abundance of experience has created high expectations.

As you would expect from a Kay Thomas system—the babies have it made. The breeding and foaling barn is neat as a pin with all-purpose 12’x12’ stalls where they spend two or three weeks, learning to feel safe. When separated from their mothers, the weanlings have their own paddock, which is adjacent to the office.

One look into his steely black eyes and you can tell—blacksmith Allen Chiasson is a man that has seen his share of alligator boudin, three-horse parlays, and all-night taverns. Every farm needs a natural, and Chiasson fills the role perfectly. The veteran of the Vietnam War learned horse shoeing in Texas and has practiced his craft for 35 years.